Super-charge voter engagement to ensure campaign success.

SendUs enables political parties and candidates to convert voter videos into campaign-controlled messaging and endorsements. These videos can be used to create authentic campaign advertising, word of mouth on social media and real-time responses to opposing candidate criticism. By creating an interactive feedback loop with voters throughout the electoral process, constituents feel that they are contributing to the success of the campaign. This interaction can continue past election day, to give voters a sense that they are being heard - validating their decision to vote on the candidate.

Empower voters to passionately express their support of the campaign
Secure voter loyalty, thru engagement that does not end when the campaign is over views
Develop a community of campaign fundraisers at scale, through click-to-donate voter-generated videos shared across social media
Rapidly launch Call Outs to voters to gather real-life, rapid response videos as issues surface in the 24/7 news cycle
Create campaign commercials with authentic, voter-generated videos


  • Endorsements

    Invite supporters to submit videos endorsing your campaign or program.

  • Fundraising Videos

    Your most loyal supporters can now easily raise funds for your campaign through videos and social media.

  • Content for Advertising

    Integrate authentic voter videos and photos into campaign advertisements.

  • Truth Watch

    Supporters create videos revealing opponent’s false claims.

  • Voter Feedback

    Validate voter opinion and fine-tune your political priorities with voter feedback.

UGC Made Easy

  • Embed apps on website, Facebook and mobile
  • Ask supporters to submit the content you need
  • Acquire media use rights automatically
  • Easily transcode media into desired format
  • Curate and decide what gets published
  • Edit/enhance the media with your message
  • Secure & scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Shared management capabilities
  • State-of-the-art yet easy-to-use

Trusted by Presidential Campaigns

In his bid for reelection, the campaign of Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos deployed the SendUs technology to engage voters. Through continuous campaign requests to submit video/photo content designed to achieve specific campaign objectives, voters produced a massive source of authentic endorsements. These were used to create exciting campaign advertisements and distributed throughout traditional and social media.