Make the audience a part of your show with user generated content!

Leverage the SendUs platform to easily request and receive content from your viewers, while instantly getting the media use rights. You can also automatically search and pull specific content from social media. The creation of this valuable library of authentic content enables the production of exciting and engaging programs, at a dramatically reduced cost.

Easily integrate the best videos and photos into your show or news program or publish “raw” audience-content on the web (through your favorite video player, like YouTube, Brightcove or Vimeo) to generate ad/sponsorship dollars.

Featured Use Case:

Fremantle Media - The Pet Collective YouTube Channel

“The most successful media producers and YouTube Channels will be the ones that create content WITH their audience. SendUs' platform is superior to any other products we explored allowing us to incorporate our audience's content into our programming.”

Tom Hoffman - Executive Director, Digital and Social Media, Fremantle Media

Fremantle Media, producers of shows like the X-Factor and American Idol, created a Google-funded YouTube Channel about pets (“The Pet Collective”). Using SendUs, they were able to interact with their audience and feature their videos in the show.

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UGC Made Easy

  • Embed apps on website, Facebook and mobile
  • Ask viewers to submit the content you need
  • Acquire media use rights automatically
  • Easily transcode media into desired format
  • Curate and decide what gets published
  • Edit/enhance the media with your message
  • Secure & scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Shared management capabilities
  • State-of-the-art yet easy-to-use

Trusted by Major Media Companies

Univision, the largest hispanic television network in the United States, sourced content from its audience to be featured in local market news segments. For example, the audience was invited to submit videos about Halloween costumes and Valentine's Day best kisses. The best content was broadcast on the show while the other content was shared online.

AEG, one of the world’s largest event producers, invites concert audiences to share videos of their most exciting concert moments. The curated authentic media is then used to create passion communities on YouTube relating to specific music groups. Audiences share their “15 minutes” with friends on social media, creating incremental traffic to the website featuring future festivals. Producers create mashups of these videos for future promotions.