Engage your customers through user generated content to drive word of mouth.

Consumers are increasingly rejecting traditional advertising and, instead, relying on peer endorsements and reviews when making purchasing decisions. This is particularly true among Millennials.

The SendUs video submission and management solution enables brands to connect with consumers to engage them in creating authentic video endorsements - as well as automatically search and pull existing endorsements on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This User Generated Content is curated and shared across social media and brand properties, generating positive word of mouth, driving sales and helping reduce advertisement expenses.


  • Testimonials & Reviews

    Leverage the power of authentic customer video testimonials & product reviews.

  • Word of Mouth

    Drive word of mouth on social media.

  • Contests

    Instantly launch contests across web, mobile and social.

  • Content for Advertising

    Turbocharge your advertising campaigns by integrating authentic customer videos.

  • Customer Surveys

    Increase business intelligence through consumer research, focus groups and surveys.

  • YouTube Channels

    Leverage your audience's creativity to build an authentic and powerful YouTube presence.

UGC Made Easy

  • Embed apps on website, Facebook and mobile
  • Ask customers to submit the content you need
  • Acquire media use rights automatically
  • Easily transcode media into desired format
  • Curate and decide what gets published
  • Edit/enhance the media with your message
  • Secure & scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Shared management capabilities
  • State-of-the-art yet easy-to-use

Trusted by Major Brands and New, Exciting Companies

  • Singapore Airlines incentivized its customers to raise awareness about the incredible destinations that it flies to through word of mouth. Customers were invited to submit videos and photos of their favorite trips to locations in Asia and share on social media.
  • Ford engaged with hispanic customers in Chicago to stimulate a conversation on social media. They used SendUs to run a video contest with celebrity Christian De La Fuente.
  • Organic skincare company Tata Harper created an advertisement harnessing the authentic voice of its customers. Tata Harper incorporated into their commercial customer videos responding to the question "Why do you believe in natural beauty?" into their commercial.
  • Internet TV device company Rabbit TV collected videos from customers describing their user experiences of the product - turning consumers into brand advocates.

β€œAt its heart SendUs is a constructively disruptive video submission technology. This platform allows business to begin a video-based conversation with young buyers. When millennial's submit short videos of their ideas about a product and its performance, they validate the brand in an imposing way. Validation creates the trust necessary for a sustainable customer relationship.”

Simon Graj, Forbes